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2003-12-02, 22:37
Greddy TD06SH Single Turbo Upgrade Kit for 1990-95 MR2 Turbo ITEM # Gr 11510011 The TD06SH kit is perfect for anyone looking for a true "street turbo" bolt-on solution. This turbo will conservatively make you 300-325rwhp. Several MR2's have run easy 12 second 1/4 mile times with this kit. You can use basic fuel management on your MR2, no need for a major overhaul like Haltech or Motec. An HKS AFR, Greddy E-manage, or Apex AFC will work just fine along with a set of upgraded injectors like RC 550cc's or used Supra TT injectors (available in our MR2 Fuel Components section).

Note that this turbo kit is intended for use with stock cats and an exhaust similar to the Greddy SP or HKS Sport. If you use this kit with an exhaust like the Apex GT Spec that is very straight and removes all the back-pressure, you will get boost creep or boost spike. This kit has an internal wastegate and is not capable of relieving the excess air an open exhaust like the GT Spec will provide.

This kit includes the following items: Cast Adapter, Down pipe adapter, piping, hoses oil lines, and miscellaneous hardware.

Ger ca. 350hk+
Pris: 20000+frakt


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