Visa fullständig version : Nissan 350Z JUN - Crash video....

¤ mau ¤
2003-12-09, 12:31
Hello everybody ;

I'm new in this forum. . . . . and like you will know I have serious communication problems :lol: ; I live in Brazil then I don't understand anything than you write here, but any way I "read" the fórum sometimes for all for at least to see the images of the Supras. . . . . .

How here in Brazil the Supras are them rare, I don't have as sending things about them; but I found that video of the interesting 350Z and I am sending for you.

Thanks and sorry for my terrible english


2003-12-09, 12:58
Hello Mau!

Wellcome to us, my english is also VERY bad...but i hope we can have some fun anyway! :D

Thomas T66
2003-12-09, 13:47
god damn! we're geting world wide soon :lol:

robert pentén
2003-12-09, 15:06

what caused the crasch?

the engine broke? but why shuold the car crash becouse of that?

*my eng is bad*

2003-12-09, 15:42
Sounds like the engine or tranny broke down, didn't lock the wheels though, nasty failure to have when driving 300km/h+ crazy japanese drivers haha...

¤ mau ¤
2003-12-10, 14:50
thanks everybody.... :D

My Japanese gets to be worse than my English :lol: ; but I got a translation with some friends, and we understood the cause of the crash it was the tire; above the 300 km/h it burst, even so the pilot had control of the car, and he went lowering the speed, however at the 240 some thing flew of the car and he lost the control of the car....

On this year I take some pictures in USA; and that was the Supra more cool than I saw until today. .