Visa fullständig version : Jul hälsning till alla Supra lovers

2003-12-17, 02:25
Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the garage
Not a turbo was spooling, not even the Volvo.

The tools were all hung, by the compressor with care
Waiting for the day that my turbo kit would get there

The turbo's were ordered, the ship dates were crap
So I settled down for a long winters nap
So as I finished my absolut vodka, and made my way to bed
Visions of intercoolers danced in my head

When from the garage, there arose such a clatter
I jumped up from the bed, to see what's the matter
When up on the rooftop, I could now see clear
A brown supra truck, with 8 tiny reindeer

I rubbed my eyes and squinted, for this I could not believe
Instead of antlers, they had HKS twin's
and front mount intercoolers, hung from their neck
i needed a closer look, and thought "what the heck"

I made my way to the garage, and what did I see
A fat little bald guy, with a package for me
The door was locked tight, so it was unclear,
Just how that supra delivery guy got here

And just as I thought, how will he leave,
I saw the boost controller mounted on his sleeve
And as he hit the trans brake, the reindeers spooled up
And the Supra truck sat there, backfired and hiccupped

Then shot from the roof, with a surge and a woosh
For a second there I thought he had Lustgas
"on Tial, On Greddy, on Garret and GT!"
I heard him exclaim as he sped away from me

And as that Supra truck disappeared to the light, I heard

"Merry Boosting to all, and to all a good night"

By the way i am getting HKS twin's for christmas.

god Jul & gott nytt år till er alla.

Önskar Viking från ett allt för varmt och soligt florida

Thomas T66
2003-12-17, 19:06
:lol: godjul på dig me!

fattas bara en vit jul... oddsen för att ni får det i florida är väl ganska liten? ni har väl bara 25grader strålande solsken o bikinibrudar springandes på stranden.... :biggrin(1):

2003-12-18, 00:49
God jul gott folk! :D

2003-12-18, 01:52
I natt skall det bli svinkallt här i södra Florida under 10 grader, så i morgon tar jag nog en långarmad tröja på mig.

Men om man ser det från en annan synvinkel, när det är kallt så är ju bröstvårtorna på bikinibrudarna hårda.


2003-12-18, 07:39
när det är kallt så är ju bröstvårtorna på bikinibrudarna hårda.
:biggrin(1): :biggrin(1): :biggrin(1):

GOD JUL på er!

Thomas T66
2003-12-18, 17:50
Det är trevligt när folk ser situationen på ett positivt sett :biglaugha: