Visa fullständig version : S: JUN 264 Cam MKIV

2004-01-18, 11:50
I have a BRAND NEW Jun 264 exhaust cam for the MKIV laying around - still in unopened package (actually never saw it).
I ONLY have the exhaust cam !
I can NOT buy the JUN intake cam anywhere - to make it a set.
BUT, changing the cams, the exhaust is making 90% of the power increase, so the intake cam is practically not needed !
If you absolutely want a 264 intake cam I can supply you a HKS.
Having a JUN and a HKS in the same engine is NO problem.

Highest offer above $400 and the one 264 JUN exhaust cam is out of the door !

If you want a HKS 264 intake - I can sell you that one for $500

Please E-mail if interested.

Thanks, Klaus

2004-04-16, 23:38
Sold :)