Visa fullständig version : S: 6 x 1000cc RC Injectors, NIB w. Clips

2004-05-07, 11:17
Selling my NIB Injectors due to upgrade before even installed them ...
The Injectors fit the HKS Fuel Rail amoung others !
Comes with O-rings !
Low Ohm Injectors, Top Feed

Brand new in box with electrical clips to splice direct to the original wire harness.

Lower Seal (rubber between the injector and lower runner) and Upper Grumet (rubber that makes the fuel rail press down the injector) usualy comes with the fuel rail or have to be bought seperately - usualy $2 a piece.

MSRP for each Injector: $185, usualy retails about $160
MSRP for each Clip: £12, uaualy retails about $8
+ shipping !

Shipped to anywhere in Europe for US$700

PayPal or Money Transfeeer only, prior to shipping.

Thanks, Klaus, Denmark

2004-05-07, 11:21
nice talking to you..:)

2004-05-07, 12:08
Yes Rickard - sometimes talking solevs a lot of issues ... :)
Fell free to call when ever you like !
I did pass on you greatings to R - thanks on his behalf !
So long, Klaus

2004-06-01, 23:42
Price lowered from $800 to now ONLY $700 !!!
First one PayPaling $700 (+3%) gets them shipped right away !!!
This is a steal - right Rickard ?