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2003-09-26, 09:30
You Know You’re a Supra Owner If...

When a girl asks if you’re single and you pop your hood, and show her your Greddy T78

You only race crotch rockets because they are the only competition

Every other car on the road is a POS if its not an MKIV

You know you’re a badass on the highway

A civic that runs 10s is still a POS

You no longer snore, you make boost and blow of valve noises in your sleep

You care more about the car than school or work

You drive your car only 3 months out of the year

You walk to work/school in the cold convincing yourself that you've got a sweet car, meanwhile the supra is nice and toasty in the garage...

You hunt down other supra owners even when your in your beater and wave only to get a puzzled face

You go through tires almost as fast as gas

You source unknown expensive parts from japan to add 2 hp

You love it more than you could think of loving any woman

You're sick of the fast and the furious

You hate noobs

Off a roll is the prefered type of race

You have a brand new set of tires, but you keep looking at the tire ads, anyway

You can quote all of your cars specs, but can't remember your anniversary.

You take the long way everywhere and still get there first.

You can recognize another Supra from ten miles away

You talk about your car like it was made by God

You’re an ass

You’re a dick

There are always 25 free parking stalls between your parked car and the store you're going to

Everytime you hear an odd sound on the highway, you pull over no matter what the traffic is looking like.

When you're in your beater (4cyl camry) and see a 10 second civic, you still look at him like you can take him on.
You’re in your beater and give a ricer the finger

You have 10K in mods, with a stock stereo system

Curt Aigner begins to know you by voice recognition

You look at your boost gauge more than your spedometer

You start to lay out a 3 page plan on what your future mods are for your supra

The local carwash starts to know you by first name and gives you discounts

Ebay loves you

Your time slip trap is at 130+ but your 60ft. is 3 seconds

Only civics try to race you on the road; everyone else has more sense than that

You spent more for your 9 year old car than your neighbor that just bought a brand new one

Snow no longer means you can go skiing in your eyes...it now means "How the **** am i gonna get home?"

It's 15 degrees outside, and you're heating water to wash the car.
As you're washing the car in number 5, you take your jacket off so it won't scratch the paint.

A cop offers to trade you a PBA card for a ride in the car (yes, its true).

You get annoyed when people go "too slow" on off-ramps, look down at your speedometer, and realize you're doing 60.

Its not a matter of if you're ever gonna get a ticket, its more of a matter of when it's gonna happen.

Speed limit signs are the work of satan, and thus you refuse to obey them.

Your girlfriend realizes when you're talking to her on the phone and reading SF at the same time.

You're girlfriend one day tells you "You know I think the car's better looking than you are," and you just nod, smile, and say "Yes it is."

You no longer have a girlfriend

The comment above is true but bother you, cause your car likes it harder and faster anyway

You take offense to the fact that someone has the balls to say "you talk about your car like it was made by God," as if they actually knew otherwise

When you hear the term “pump gas” you think of $4+ a gallon an 100+ octane

You make more power with one liter than most cars do overall

When you hear the words “ Fast and Furious” you cringe

You pull up to a gas station and ask if they have racing fuel and the attendant says "yeah but it's $4.50/gal, are you sure you want it?" and you say "Oh sweet, filler up."

You're talking all excitedly about your car and racing and some people overhear and ask what kind of car you have and when you tell them they make a face like "why the hell is he all excited about a mid 80's toyota?" but then when they see your car they can't believe it's a Toyota because they've never seen an MKIV before.

You have your own special "supra towel" that is 100% virgin cotton that has never been in contact with fabric softener and is the only towel that is allowed to touch your paint.

You have your own special super soft wash mit that you keep in a bag in your trunk so when you're at somebody else's house and they ask if you want to wash your car you say "sure, but your wash mit has chunks in it so I'm going to use my own."

You get out of your car at the Chevron station and start taking pictures of it under the florescent lights while everybody stares at you like you're an egotistical moron and your wife is in the car trying to hide from everybody.

Your x-mas list consists of cheap stuff like Lexol and motor oil because the stuff you really want nobody else can afford to buy for you (ie. fmic, t78, trd wing..."

You pass by people on the freeway and smile because you're imagining what your car looks like in their eyes and the image pleases you

You have a bag of Zaino products behind your driver seat to get rid of any swirlage that catches your eyes no matter where you're at.

You go to a restaurant you park in a spot that can be seen from a window, as long as the spot won't risk you getting door dings, and then request to be seated at the table/booth by that window.

You go visit friends and family and let your wife do the talking while you stand and stare at your car out the livingroom window.

You have another car that costs less than a GReddy 3 row that you drive when it rains.

You always think of what mods you could buy if you sold that POS.

Every roll of film your wife develops always has at least a couple pictures of your car from the same angles as all the other rolls of film, but in different locations and/or under different lighting.

Civic owners think you're a dick when you tell them "Nice car man!" even though you're being totally serious because you used to have a supercharged blue Si

You'd rather live in an apartment and have a nice modded Supra rather than buy a house and drive a cheaper car, or stock supra

You spot a crowd of ricers and pull in and pretend you're interested in their cars when really you're just there to show yours off and check out their ladies.

You're cruising along on the freeway and you see cars in your mirrors zooming up beside you but then you lose site of them because they don't pass you. Instead they're chilling in your blind spot, drooling over your car, and you get annoyed so you pretend like you don't know they are there so you turn on your blinker and pretend you're going to hit them.

The people next to you on the plane didn't hear you correctly and think you're flying to texas to buy a subaru because they're hard to come by where you're from.
You tell your brother over AIM that you're filling out a post for "you might be a supra owner if..." and he replies "you have no life, and you wack off to your own car." lol

People crap their pants when you tell them how much boost you run daily.

People think you're talking about your pet when you're talking about your Dawg.

You go browse the for sale section before a movie or tv show, during commercial breaks, and after the movie or tv show has ended, because you never know when that killer bargain will pop up.

When you're watching 25 auctions on ebay and 10 of them are Supras that have already sold, 1 is a skyline you wish you could have, and the other 14 are performance parts that you wish you could have for your car

You keep busting your ass on the ice on the driveway from the water from washing your car in 20 degree weather.

You never have to ask your friends, "who wants to ride with me" When your all going out.

You would do anything for a girl who owned a supra

You peek in the garage every hour just to see if your car is ok

You love telling people after you demolish them in a race that your mods are, "just exhaust and a boost controller

2003-09-26, 09:31

20-You make blow off valve noises to youself while driving your grandmas Truck when you let off the gas...

19-You take pictures in front of other people's Supras...

18-Your friends always know what you are looking at on the web...

17-You pull next up next to one in a red light, and you are more confident than the Supras owner that it can kick your ass...

16-You have more pictures of Supras than your family...

15- You count the 10 minutes you drove a Mkiv as your greatest accomplishment to date!!!

14- You want to physically hurt rich kids that get handed MKIVs...

13- You imagine that Supras Invade Las Vegas is pretty damn close to what Heaven is like!

12- You watch Redline and imagine yourself in one of those guys cars, and how cool you look in your head...

11- You recommend the I-supra FAQ section as great reading to everyone!

10- You spend hours on end, on Ebay, and Autotrader looking at cars you know you cant afford!

9- You beg strangers for rides in their MKIV...

8- You go on Suprastore and add stuff to your cart just to see how much it will be if you really had one!

7- You have more posts on Isupra than some Mods that actually own one...

6- You look for anyway to do a school assignment on them...

5- The most used word in your vocabulary is "BPU"...

4- You spend half a day typing up plans for your "Dream Supra"...

3- Mark Tozer is a person that you look up to(LOL)...

2- You took the School Bus some mornings just to see to see the cute girl drive by in her Black MKIV...

1- You cancel a date, because your copy of "Supras Invade Las Vegas" came in the mail!

2003-09-26, 16:04
You love telling people after you demolish them in a race that your mods are, "just exhaust and a boost controller

Sååå jävla sant! 8)


2003-09-27, 13:57
Hahahaha, satan va klockrent.
Tragiskt men mycket stämmer

"You're cruising along on the freeway and you see cars in your mirrors zooming up beside you but then you lose site of them because they don't pass you. Instead they're chilling in your blind spot, drooling over your car, and you get annoyed so you pretend like you don't know they are there"

2003-09-28, 20:12
Hahaha...man blir lite rädd när man märker hur mycket som stämmer in på sig själv :lol: