Visa fullständig version : Men vänta nu??????!!!!

2003-10-16, 21:11
Nu har man ju valt att stoppa i nytt styrsystem.
va ju självklart i o m singel bygget.

men för bpu bilar vore ju detta ett billigt alternativ.

dessutom framtaget av powerhouseracing.com
SMR är ju ÅF för dom..

visste du detta Rickard.. ???

Ersätter Piss VPC.. dennna skall tydligen fungera bra som FN


2003-10-17, 00:59
Japp det vet jag, ett billigare allternativ för dom som inte känner dom behöver allt som ett EMS kan ge

2003-10-17, 01:01
The VPC doesn't do ignition adjustment either. This ECU is a piggyback, not a replacement. I'm not sure why you think ignition adjustment is necessary in the least for the average single turbo (much less stock twin) Supra. VPC's have been proven to safely make 700, 800, 900, and I've personally seen over 1000rwhp.

The VPC:
Discontinued 18 months ago making them nearly impossible to find today in *good* condition, believe me I know.
Needs another piggyback: preferably the GCC with an MSRP of $590 and street price of around $500. Even used its $300-$400. If you're on a budget you can get an AFC for $350ish or an AFR for $230ish new.
VPC does not do Nitrous control.
VPC does not do allow any additional functions like turning on an additional fuel pump at X boost or RPM.
VPC does not log air/fuel ratios or anything else.

You do not need a FJO/UEGO for the PHR ECU any more than you need it for the VPC. I highly recommend a personal WBO2 to customers going with a new ECU like the AEM b\c an AEM removes all the safety measures of a stock ECU. VPC users generally do not need a personal WBO2 any more than an AFC user needs a personal WBO2. This PHR ECU will be the same way...take it to your local shop, have your car WBO2 dyno tuned, and you're done. If you still want a personal WBO2 its certainly not a bad idea, but its no where near as critical as with an AEM.

The PHR ECU will not need a Twin Power DLI or AEM CDI any sooner than the VPC/GCC users have needed one. I personally made over 800rwhp on a VPC/GCC as recent as this time last year in front of about 80 people...on stock ignition of course.

I don't see the PHR ECU as a replacement for the AEM. It is intended to be a cheaper & better replacement for the VPC/GCC. Half the people I talk to that "want an AEM" don't even know why they want an AEM. The AEM may be a great unit and offer a lot of features for its price, but so does this PHR ECU. They aren't in the same league for features, nor are they in the same league for price. And last time I checked PHR is a rather reputable company themselves. Since they've been working on Supra Twin Turbos longer than 99.9% of us here have owned them, I'd say they know their stuff and aren't going anywhere.

The *fact* is that most people spend $2,000 or more to get everything needed to tune an AEM properly, and then that doesn't include installation and tuning. There are of course some people like Ryan23 on this board that can do their own AEM tuning...but Ryan you are the exception not the rule. Most reputable shops I know of charge *at least* $500 to tune an AEM and I've heard of people paying way more than that.

Like the AEM this PHR ECU will be perfect for some and wrong for others I'm sure. Regardless I think its a great price for a quality unit, I've seen it work on 4 cars (3 different types of cars) over the last ~3 months and I'm very happy PHR has taken the time to bring us a quality product for a such a reasonable price.



2003-10-17, 15:30
Vill ha...

2003-10-17, 15:33
Då köper vi då

2003-10-17, 15:59
Me 2

2003-10-17, 16:00
Vill ha eller köper

2003-10-17, 16:36
Både och...

Verkar vara ett vettigt alternativ för att slippa allt strul med Autronic och AEM för att inte tala om priser...

2003-10-17, 16:43
vad säljer du för då?

2003-10-17, 17:13
Både och...

Verkar vara ett vettigt alternativ för att slippa allt strul med Autronic och AEM för att inte tala om priser...'

Inget strul, man får vad man betalar för, detta är bra för dom som inte behöver alla funktioner i ett EMS

2003-10-17, 17:15
Som sagt, pris?

PS. Vad är det för funktioner man inte får? Något krititskt eller? DS.

2003-10-17, 17:16
Bättre att läsa tråden på www.supraforums om detta så får ni veta allt

Jarret är där och svarar på frågor

2003-10-17, 17:24
Det gör jag redan, svårt att förstå bara...

Pris då?