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Gammal 2005-12-02, 22:04
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Hittade en fake annons på en MKIV och skrev nått i stil om att han var den dumaste jäveln som finns och att 4WD Supra med BiTurbo för 110.000 inte finns osv :?

Fick detta svar :P

"Thank you for your interest regarding my car. First of all i wanna tell you
some details about the car.Right now I am in Czech Republic Prague My wife
had a heart attack and needs a triple bypass,and this is why I decided to
move here with my wife to help in Prague, (Czech).So only the shipping
option can be used( shipping is included). The car is presenting in a very
good condition, no damage or defects, it looks just the way showed in my
pics, it is stored in a shipping garage. NON SMOKER!. I realise that is a
cheap price for such a product but my special situation makes me do things
that i would't do in normal circumstances and belive me it is not easy at
all for me to sell a thing which was one of my dreams during last years.
The price I hope to obtain is 11300 euro the shipping is free.(the price are
included the all taxes).
I overlooked the website to see how it can be done securely and I noticed
that most sellers accept to close the deal with a third party company sure
and safe.I call to AutoTrader and the agent recomand me a third party.I have
discussed this matter with my wife and we decided to use for this deal
AlertPay company.
So if you are serious interested please send me your full name and address
and AlertPay company will contacted you."

Jag tror att det var ett automatiskt svar :) Hur lat får man bli? Lura nån med autosvar :D

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